A flag for Berkshire

The Society has contributed their support to the development of a county flag for Berkshire. The design is shown above and is based on a traditional design already used by several local groups.

Flag Type: County Flag
Flag Date: C14th
Flag Designer: Traditional
Adoption Route: Traditional
UK Design Code: UNKG7456
Aspect Ratio: 3:5
Pantone® Colours: Yellow 109, Green 356, Orange 167, Mid Brown 168, Light Brown 7574, Dark Red 484
Certification: Flag Institute Chief Vexillologist, Graham Bartram

The stag and oak is a symbol associated with the county at least as far back at Michael Drayton’s Battle of Agincourt poem. It is realised here with a red stag being ‘royally attired’ with antlers of twelve points. Thus this helps represents the county’s royal title in addition to the forests and deer herds for which Berkshire is known.

The traditional design was submitted for registration by a collection of representative bodies with support from the county’s Lord Lieutenant.

The Berkshire Flag was officially unveiled by H.M. Lord Lieutenant of Royal Berkshire, James Puxley, at the Royal County of Berkshire Show at Newbury Showground  on Sunday 17th September 2017.
Raising the flag of Berkshire part1
Raising the flag of Berkshire part2
Flags are commercially available at:

Wednesday 12th October – Marlow Lecture: Verulamium Revealed

Invitation from Marlow Archaeology Society

Verulamium Revealed: Recent geophysical surveys in the Roman town

by Dr Kris Lockyear, Institute of Archaeology UCL

This talk will illustrate some amazing, brand-new revelations! The Roman city of Verulamium was the third largest in Britannia, and the largest Roman city in Britain which does not have a modern settlement built over it.

The Community Archaeology Geophysics Group has conducted a series of surveys in the town on previously inaccessible land on the Earl of Verulamium’s estate, and completed a huge magnetometry survey as well as Ground Penetrating Radar and resistivity surveys.

After a brief lay-persons introduction to the techniques, Kris will illustrate the very latest findings including results of the surveys undertaken in August 2017, and will begin the process of putting these exciting results into context.

Main Room, Liston Hall, Marlow  SL7 1DD  at 8pm 

Visitors are welcome at all these events. Entrance is £4.50 and £3 for members, students £1.50.
A joint talk with AIM organised by MAS
Free parking is available in the evening adjacent to the Liston Hall
All queries, including membership and fieldwork, tel: 01628 523896.

Thursday 28th September 2017 – Marlow lecture: Highwood

Invitation from Archaeology in Marlow

Highwood: the mound and other mysteries

by Andrew Allum of South Oxfordshire Archaeological Society (SOAG)

In 2015 member of South Oxfordshire Archaeology Group started to excavate a Roman site In Harpsden near Henley-on-Thames. The site had been the subject of an earlier excavation very nearby between 1977 and 1983 when Henley-on-Thames Archaeological & Historical Group excavated a mound on the site. When the later excavation started the record of the earlier excavation was interrogated and in turn that led to researching the history of the wood. The excavation started in 2015 is continuing. It is uncovering Iron Age and Roman remains from between 0 and 400 AD. However, the site remains enigmatic. The talk will seek to explain the work carried out so far and suggest possible interpretations.

Members of AIM £3, visitors £4.50
8pm Garden Room, Liston Hall, Chapel Street, Marlow SL7 1DD
For details of AIM’s other activities and how you can join, either log on to our website, www.archaeologyinmarlow.org.uk, or contact: John Laker, 9 Spinfield Lane, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2JT. Tel: 01628 481792

Berkshire Archaeological Journal – Volume 82


  • Cross Dykes: An Interpretation   by R.J. Brewer
  • Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval remains at Caley’s Department Store, 19-23 High Street, Windsor, Berkshire
    by Nicholas Cooke, Wessex Archaeology
  • Prehistoric, Roman and post-medieval remains at Raghill Farm Quarry, Aldermaston, West Berkshire
    by S.E. Clelland and A. Manning, Wessex Archaeology 
  • Bronze Age to Roman site at George’s Farm, Crookham, Berkshire   by Nicholas Cooke, Wessex Archaeology
  • Locating ‘Hawkridge Wood’.  Interpreting the Bucklebury Charter of AD 956   by Dick Greenaway
  • Excavations at Park Way, Newbury, Berkshire
    by Tim Allen, Kate Brady and Steve Lawrence, Oxford Archaeology
  • Artefacts from Reading goal?   By Anthea Harris

Now being distributed free of charge to members 

Others may order a copy for £15 to Catherine Petts  or Andrew Hutt