Follow BAS on Twitter

Over the past few months the BAS Publicity Group has been reviewing the Society’s communication strategy.  One of the outcomes is that, on behalf of the Society, I have set up a Twitter account.

For the uninitiated Twitter is a means of electronic communication using a maximum of 140 characters, a ‘Tweet’.  Twitter users choose other Twitter users to ‘follow’.  The ‘Tweets’ and ‘Retweets’ of those you follow appear on your Twitter feed, which you can review at your leisure.  It is the archaeological community’s favoured means of electronic communication.  One of the advantages, besides being a brief message, is that many use links to web sites with interesting articles related to the ‘Tweeted’ or ‘Retweeted’ topic.  So this is a great way of keeping pace with news and developments within the archaeological community.

After a trial period and a subsequent cull on Twitter, Berks Arch Soc is following: Historic England; Historic England Archaeology; Historic England Planning Advice; The Royal Archaeological Institute; Lindisfarne Heritage; The British Museum; University of Central Lancaster University; Post Medieval Archaeology; Past Horizons; Oxford Archaeology; MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology);  The Festival of Archaeology; Medieval Archaeology; Wessex Archaeology; University of York Archaeology; Archaeology News; Antiquity; ADS (The Archaeology Data Service); The CIfA (The Chartered Institute for Archaeology); The CBA (Council for British Archaeology).

I regularly review the ‘tweets’ from these organisations on the Berks Arch Soc’s Twitter feed for anything of substance from within the UK which would be of interest.  I then ‘retweet’ these items.

I am also, of course, on behalf of the Society, tweeting news of our forthcoming events, etc.

If you are already on Twitter please start to follow us, Berks Arch Soc.  To tweet us directly @BerksArchSoc

If you are not yet on Twitter and would like to follow us then you need to set up an account.   Go to, use the ‘New to Twitter? Sign Up’ box and follow the instructions.  Before you do this it’s a good idea to think up a user name for yourself and have one or two back ups in case your ideal user name is already in use.  However, Twitter will suggest some user names for you.  It is not vital but you may also like to have a small photo of yourself to add.  (Note: this can be added after set up at any time you wish through View Profile, then Edit Profile).

If you have any questions about BAS on Twitter please email me at

I look forward to seeing you on Twitter soon.

Julie Worsfold