Wednesday 5th July 2017 – Visit to Stonor Park

Following the excavations at Blounts Court, which was once owned by the Stonor family, Nigel Spencer has been in touch with Georgina Stoner and arranged a group visit to Stoner Park, near Henley, for Wednesday 5th July.  He writes:-
“The house doesn’t open until 1.30pm, so what I think may be a good idea is for people to meet in the restaurant at Stoner at  12.15pm, have a light snack there, and then Georgina will show the group around  the house, and give an in depth history of the house, and probably show us parts of the house which are not normally open.
After seeing the house we can visit the chapel, garden and surrounding grounds.
The cost would be £10 per head ( the normal ticket price is £20 per head). “

Please  reply to Nigel if you would like to go.