Saturday 9th December 2017 – Lectures by BAS members

Saturday 9th December 2017 Lectures by BAS members

European Cave Art – non-destructive visiting by Tim Lloyd
Replicas of the Paleolithic decorated caves at Chauvet and Niaulx have been opened in recent years in South-West France. Tim will describe them and invite you to ponder the issues raised.

Venus Figurines in Roman Britain by Mathew Fittock
‘Gaulish style’ pipeclay figurines of Venus may reflect Classical ideas about love or provincial ideas that might relate to fertility and protection. This paper explores religious practices and provincial beliefs associated with the 401 Venus figurines made in Gaul found in Britain through a study of their distribution. This shows that they were used for many religious practices by different social groups, including people in urban and rural settings – probably by both men and women – while finds from burials are closely linked with protecting sick children. Comparing the distribution of pipeclay and metal figurines of Venus also shows that although ceramic figurines were lower status objects, some were used in high status graves by foreigners.

Roman Factory in Provence by Andrew Hutt
At Barbegal, some 12km north east of Arles in Provence in southern France, are the remains of a Roman factory.  It was built in the 1st century AD, on the line of two aqueducts carrying water from the Alpilles Hills to Arles.  It consisted of 16 waterwheels in two parallel rows of 8 overshot water wheels running down a steep hillside.  Hodges writing in Scientific American estimated that taking into account the available water supply and assuming 50% downtime, it could have processed enough flour to feed 12,500 individuals, the population of the town of Arles.  The power could also have been used to saw timber and stone. Only two other mills like this have been found in the Roman world.

2.00 pm for 2.30 pm at the RISC Centre, London Street, Reading RG1 4PS

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