Sunday 24th February 2019 – Newbury Talks: Built on Bones

3pm Sunday 24th February 2019 – Invitation from Newbury Talks

Built on Bones: how digging up the dead reveals the past
by Brenna Hassett
Brenna Hassett is an archaeologist who specializes in using clues from the human skeleton to understand how people lived and died in the past. This talk will explore evidence of health and growth locked into the  body, and how clues from archaeological teeth and bones can tell us key parts of the human story. Building on her work across the world, including Thailand, Greece, the Pyramids in Giza, a 10,000 year old village in Anatolia, and a series of basement labs in between, the talk will be an accessible  journey through our recent evolution into a majority-urban species over the last 15,000 years.

The talk is free and unticketed, and will take place in the Balcony Bar of the Corn Exchange, Market Square, Newbury.
Image: the Amesbury archer’s companion (Wessex Archaeology)
More information:
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