Thursday 24th October 2019 – Marlow lecture: Roman Roads in Britain

Invitation from Marlow Archaeological Society

Roman Roads in Britain

by Paddy Lambert

The Roman road network in Britain is the epitome of Roman civilisation, bringing trade and opening Britain to an empire that stretched from the cold winds of Scotland, to the decadence of the orient. They remain one of the most enduring of archaeological legacies. Yet, they are still shrouded in myth and misconception. The real story of the roads and where they eventually lead us is more surprising, and much more interesting. It’s not ‘what the Romans did for us’ – it’s how they did it.

Paddy Lambert is a Project Supervisor at Oxford Archaeology East and specialises in the history and material culture of the Roman world. He has been involved in Roman projects across the UK and Europe, most recently a Roman villa complex in the south west, and has delivered talks and lectures on various themes of Roman archaeology and history throughout the UK.

Main Room, Liston Hall, Marlow  SL7 1DD  at 8pm 

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