About us

The Berkshire Archaeological Society was founded in 1871. The Society exists to explore, care and promote the Historic Environment of the past and present county of Berkshire. This will therefore also include those parts of Berkshire which became parts of other counties in 1974. The Historic Environment includes the archaeology, culture, history, and architecture of the county.


Programme of lectures : Every month from September to April

Visits and walks: to sites of interest in and around Berkshire

Annual Day School: is held annually in March. This is an opportunity to review the archaeological work done in and around Berkshire during the previous 12 months

Spring tour: a long weekend trip to visit archaeological sites in other parts of Britain


The society leads research projects which focus on the archaeology and history of Berkshire. These include projects on the Iron Age, the Roman period, and Post-Roman/Early Saxon period AD400-600.

It supports its research with two libraries:

Berkshire Archaeology Research Library: maintains books and journals relating to the archaeology of Berkshire and the surrounding counties

Berkshire Record Office Library: with a collection of antiquarian books and books that support the work of the Berkshire Record Office


Berkshire Archaeological Journal: which records details of archaeological work done in Berkshire. Members receive copies of the journal for free

Newsletter: this is published to members four times a year