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22nd March to 30th June 2019: Excavations at Highwood

Invitation from South Oxfordshire Archaeology Group (SOAG)

High Wood MMXIX – the exploration continues

Come and help with our continuing excavations of a mysterious Roman site in woodland at High Wood, Harpsden, on the Phillimore Estate. Excavations will resume on 22nd March, 2019 and volunteers are required now!

There is plenty to do for everyone, with or without experience, from digging to pottery washing and finds sorting, and all equipment is provided. This year we will focus on extending our knowledge of the walls and rooms found previously, and fixing the size of the whole site (still 2 more corners to go!).

The project is being run by the South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group (SOAG). Digging sessions will run every other (long) weekend, Fri-Tue, from March until the end of June.

You are welcome to come along for just one day, the whole season or whenever you can.

For more information or to sign up please email:
Stephanie Pollard (Admin.) 07833 600449
or Alan Hall (Dig Director) 07807 534701

Thursday 14th February 2018 – Marlow lecture: Lidar

Invitation from Marlow Archaeology
(A joint talk with AiM organised by MAS) 

LIDAR – the new illuminating the past

by Andy McGrandle (founder of Big Anomaly Ltd)

The UK topography which has traditionally been defined by teams of Ordnance Survey surveyors is now defined in greater detail by a countrywide programme of LIDAR laser scanning. Expert interpreter Andy McGrandle will show us how this new data is acquired and what it can show us with reference to a small village in north Buckinghamshire, where this modern high-resolution data is being used to illuminate long forgotten features seen on maps of the area from the late 1700’s.

The talk is illustrated with additional examples of the application of LIDAR data over Cranbourne Chase and Chiltern Hill Forts, together with some examples over project areas of local interest to the Marlow and Cookham area.

The LIDAR data has been commercially available for several years and was initially very expensive, but since December 2015 it has been on open release for anyone to download

Image shows a colour LIDAR image of Cockmarsh Hill at Cookham and part of Marlow  

Main Room, Liston Hall, Marlow  SL7 1DD  at 8pm 

Pay at the door: Members of MAS/AiM £3, Visitors £4.50, full-time students £1.50

Free parking is available after 7pm adjacent to the Liston Hall
All queries, including membership and fieldwork, tel: 01628 523896.

Sunday 24th February 2019 – Newbury Talks: Built on Bones

3pm Sunday 24th February 2019 – Invitation from Newbury Talks

Built on Bones: how digging up the dead reveals the past
by Brenna Hassett
Brenna Hassett is an archaeologist who specializes in using clues from the human skeleton to understand how people lived and died in the past. This talk will explore evidence of health and growth locked into the  body, and how clues from archaeological teeth and bones can tell us key parts of the human story. Building on her work across the world, including Thailand, Greece, the Pyramids in Giza, a 10,000 year old village in Anatolia, and a series of basement labs in between, the talk will be an accessible  journey through our recent evolution into a majority-urban species over the last 15,000 years.

The talk is free and unticketed, and will take place in the Balcony Bar of the Corn Exchange, Market Square, Newbury.
Image: the Amesbury archer’s companion (Wessex Archaeology)
More information:
Trevor Mathers
NewburyTalks Organiser@newburytalks

Saturday 16th February 2019 BAS Lecture: Grave Goods

 Saturday 16th February 2019 BAS Lecture:

Grave Goods: objects and death in later British prehistory

by Duncan Garrow (UoR)

This lecture will focus on the results of the Grave Goods project – a research collaboration between Duncan Garrow (University of Reading), Melanie Giles (University of Manchester) and Neil Wilkin (British Museum) – so far.

The Grave Goods project focuses on material culture in graves and other formal mortuary contexts in Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain, c. 4000 BC to AD 43. The project – whose full title is ‘Grave goods: objects and death in later prehistoric Britain’.

Britain is internationally renowned for the high quality and exquisite crafting of its later prehistoric grave goods. Objects from burials have long been central to how archaeologists have interpreted society at that time. Interred with both inhumations and cremations, they provide some of the most durable and well-preserved insights into personal identity and the prehistoric life-course, yet they also speak of the care shown to the dead by the living, and of people’s relationships with ‘things’. Objects matter. This project seeks to transform current understandings of mortuary practice and material culture in later prehistoric Britain.

Image: Golden lunula, from about 2,000 BC found in County Wicklow, Ireland (British Museum)

2.00 pm for 2.30 pm at the RISC Centre, London Street, Reading RG1 4PS Google map reference


There are important changes to parking at the rear of the RISC building.

For many years RISC has been allowed by the land owners to use the car park on evenings after 6 p.m. and on weekends for free. These are the white marked spaces on the same level as but not directly behind the building. Unfortunately it has now been decided to make this a paid parking area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a parking management company has been contracted to control it. As of now the new rules will apply; they are not entirely straightforward.

Pay-by-phone charges apply for the bays numbered 3 to 16 only, marked in WHITE. There are no cash machines. Charges apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do not park in bays 1, 2, 17 to 22 marked in RED at any time – these spaces are rented by individuals and parking in them at any time will incur a parking charge of £100


Saturday 6th April 2019 – BAS Day School

Saturday 6th April 2019 10am to 4pm

Archaeology in Berkshire 2019

A varied programme including news from East & West Berkshire

10.00 Welcome 
Alison McQuitty, Chair- Berkshire Archaeological Society
10.05 Recent work in West Berkshire
Sarah Orr, West Berkshire  Council Senior Archaeologist 
10.25 Recent discoveries in East Berkshire
Fiona McDonald, East Berkshire Archaeological Officer  
10.40 COFFEE
11.00 Extracting evidence from gravel quarries in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire
Gareth Chaffey, Wessex Archaeology
11.20 Runnymede Explored
The National Trust, Tom Dommett
11.40 Silchester: The Roman Baths project
Professor M. Fulford, University of Reading 
12.00 LUNCH
13.15 New thoughts on Dorchester on Thames    
Paul Booth, Oxford Archaeology
13.45 Nero’s tile works: The Romano British tile and pottery industry at Little London, Pamber
Dr. Sara Machin, University of Reading
14.15 From the water’s edge: preliminary results of the River Thames project, settlement activity on the banks of the river
Phillipa Puzey-Broomhead, Trent and Peak Archaeology   
14.45 TEA
15.15 Mediaeval to Modern: osteological and archaeological findings in St Marys churchyard Wargrave
Dr Ceri Boston, freelance osteologist and Dr Stephanie Duensing, John Moore Heritage Services
15.45-16.00 Questions and Conclusions

The Cornerstone, Norreys Avenue, Wokingham RG40 1UE
All Welcome – £10 payable at the door

Parking for the disabled is adjacent to the hall and there is usually space in Norrey’s Avenue
Bring a packed lunch or eat out in local restaurants and pubs.

Opens January 24th 2018 – West Berkshire Museum: Hoards

West Berkshire Museum

Special Exhibition: Hoards

Bringing together for the first time, over 11 hoards from all over West Berkshire.  A chance to see buried treasure from prehistory to the medieval period, ranging from a hoard of Bronze Age Axes, Iron Age hoards of gold coins, Roman hoards of hundreds of coins, to a hoard of coins of Charles I and James I.  Explore the history of each hoard, find out how they were found, and consider why they were hidden and never retrieved.

Entry to West Berkshire Museum is free but donations are most welcomed.
Open: Wednesday – Sunday 10am -4pm

Image: The Crow Down Hoard, Acquired 2006

More info here

Special Exhibition: Hoards