Berkshire Roman research project

This project was started in 2009, with the objectives of reinterpreting evidence from Roman sites in and around Berkshire and producing a series of lectures, a book and an exhibition.

By Spring 2011, the project had developed:

A gazetteer of sites across the project study area

A survey of Roman roads – written by Hugh Davies

A review of settlements across most of the area: written by Trevor Coombs, Andrew Hutt, Hugh Davies, Anne Harrison. This work is continuing

Work is starting to develop an understanding of the technologies used in the area, what is was like living in the area in Roman time, ritualisation of the area (including the introduction of Christianity), and society and government of the area.

There are two groups of Society members associated with this project: the research team, who are doing the work, and the review team who are reading and commenting on the outputs.