The Society’s newsletter is published 4 times a year. In the order, the latest first, copies that can be downloaded from this site are:

2024  Summer  Spring  

2023  Winter  Autumn  Summer  Spring    

2022   Winter   Autumn  Summer  Spring  

2021  Winter Autumn Summer  Spring  

2020   Winter Autumn  Summer Spring

2019   WinterAutumn  Summer Spring 

2018    Winter Autumn Summer Spring

2017    Winter  Autumn Summer  Spring

2016    Winter  Autumn Summer  Spring

2015     Winter  Autumn    Summer   Spring

2014     Winter      Summer      Spring

2013     Winter     Autumn       Summer    Spring

2012   Winter   Autumn   Summer   Spring

2011   Winter   Autumn   Summer  Spring

2010   Winter   Autumn   Summer   Spring

2009   Winter    Autumn  Summer Spring

Exploring the archaeology, history and heritage of Berkshire