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Volume 86 £20 + p&p (£13 +p&p  for BAS members)

Volume 85 £20 + p&p (£13 +p&p  for BAS members)

Volume 84 £25 + p&p  (£12 +p&p  for BAS members & authors)

Volume 83 Land of the Atrebates  £20 + p&p  (£12 +p&p  for BAS members)
Volume 82 £16 + p&p
Volume 81 £12+ p&p
Volume 80 £16 + p&p
Volume 79  Prehistoric settlement  at Southlea Farm, Datchet £15+ p&p
Volume 78  Living in the Iron Age in and around Berkshire £15 + p&p
Volume 58 (1960)  to Volume 77 (2008) paper copies  £5 + p&p

Journals published between 1878 and 1980 are available, free of charge, on the Archaeology Data Service.

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History of the Journals
The Berkshire Archaeological and Architectural Society started publishing annual reports and transactions in 1878. These publications came to an end in 1883. In 1889, the Society launched the Quarterly Journal of the Berkshire Archaeological and Architectural Society. It was bound with eight parts per volume. Three volumes were produced by 1895 when the last of these journals was published.

In 1895, a number of groups agreed to work together to produce the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Archaeological Journal. These groups were the Berkshire Archaeological Society, The Newbury District Field Club, The Oxford Architectural and Historical Society, The Oxford University Antiquarian Society, and The Ladies Brass-rubbing Society of Oxford.

From 1895 until 1918, this journal was produced with four parts per volumes, the parts being published in April, July, October and January over a 12 month period. From 1919, the journal was produced with two parts per volume. In 1930, the joint publication came to an end.

In 1931, starting with volume 35, the Berkshire Archaeological Society began publishing the Berkshire Archaeological Journal at the rate of two parts per volume; one in the spring and the other in the autumn. These arrangements changed in 1943 when volume 47 was produced as a single publication. Since then the journal has been produced as a succession of single issues produced initially every year and latterly every two or three years.

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