Iron Age Berkshire research project

This project has produced the following deliverables:

The book Living in the Iron Age in and around Berkshire was published by the Society in 2010 as volume 78 of the Berkshire Archaeological Journal. Copies of this are available. To order a copy please click here

Four lectures by Andrew Hutt:

Berkshire Iron Age Hillforts: their construction and use

Settlements and Communities in and around Berkshire show increasing specialisation during the Iron Age

Technology and Living in and around Iron Age Berkshire

Rituals, Society and Power in and around Iron Age Berkshire

A lecture by Paul Goodenough

Talking to each other in the Iron Age

Exhibition: Living in the Iron Age in and around Berkshire which consists of some 20 A2 posters and can be suplied with or without display boards

History of the Project

The above deliverables were the work of Andrew Hutt, Paul Goodenough and Valerie Pyne. They started the project in 2004 once they finished studying for a Masters Degree in Archaeology at Reading University. The project was sponsored by the Berkshire Archaeological Trust and Professor Richard Bradley of Reading University agreed to review its work.

The research work took five years and a further year to complete the book. The project is now working to make the deliverables available to people living in and around Berkshire.

Berkshire Archaeological Trust was dissolved in 2010 and its assets and responsibilites transferred to the Berkshire Archaeological Society.

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