Thursday 22nd April – Marlow Lecture: Tutankhamun

Invitation from Marlow Archaeology

A Zoom lecture starting at 8pm

Tutankhamun: The Boy King and his treasures

by Erica Morland, co-founder of Thames Valley ancient Egypt society

Tutankhamun, the New Kingdom’s famous 18th Dynasty Egyptian boy king/ pharaoh was the last ruler of his royal family line. His father was (probably) the pharaoh Akhenaten, who some believed to be the mummy found in the tomb KV55. His mother was (probably) his father’s sister, sister identified through DNA testing as an unknown mummy referred to as “The Younger Lady”
Tutankhamun was involved in the restoration of the Ancient Egyptian religion after its dissolution by Akhenaten- the heretic pharaoh and began restoring old monuments damaged during the previous Amarna period.

Erica is an enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist, she got the bug as a six-year-old when she was able to see an unwrapped head of a mummy in a case at the Hancock museum in Newcastle. This became a fascination after seeing the Tutankhamun exhibition at the BM in 1972. 
Erica’s particular interests are Ancient Egyptian food and farming (having worked in the food industry for 35 years), and the lives of Ancient Egyptian Women.  In 1994, she with two friends, set up the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society and has been a committee member ever since. She has visited most of the major sites in Egypt, and has dragged he (long suffering) husband all over the world visiting Ancient Egyptian collections as far apart as Tokyo, New York, Turin and Sydney.

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BAJ085 published

Berkshire Archaeological Journal volume 85 has been published. It will shortly be distributed to all members and subscribers.

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This is a special issue as it marks a collaboration with Cotswold Archchaeology. All articles are reports from excavations that they have conducted in and around Berkshire in the last 3 years.

Front cover


Foreword by Richard Massey

An Early Roman Site at Beech Hill Road, Spencers Wood, Berkshire by Richard Massey and Grace Perpetua Jones, with Adam Howard

Roman, medieval and post-medieval settlement at Cutbush Lane, Shinfield, Berkshire by Richard Massey and Joe Whelan

An Early Roman enclosed settlement at Kentwood Farm, Wokingham by Richard Massey and Joe Whelan

Iron Age and medieval features at Keephatch, Beech Lane, Wokingham by Jacek Gruszczynski and Matt Nichol.

Roman and medieval occupation at Shoppenhanger Manor, Maidenhead by Ray Kennedy and Richard Massey.


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