BAS visit to Wittenham Clumps

On Tuesday 21 January, nine members braved the frost and cold to view the Iron Age Fort at Wittenham.

It was worth it to experience the unique atmosphere on the Clumps. The fort itself was surrounded by a large ditch no one has found any evidence of dwelling on its flat plateaux. When the guides took us to the other side the view was fantastic.

Dorchester looked like a model village. They explained that from the fort, when it was constructed, that you could see as far as Ivanhoe on the Ridgeway.

At the bottom of the hill one the Archaeologists from Earth Trust guided us through the mud! to look at the dig. We were able to see evidence of a Roman homestead and Iron age dwellings. They have unearthed many burials. Men, women, children and a strange one with the  head placed by its legs. The bones have been taken away for further analysis.

If you would like to know more have a look at:

There is also information about digging opportunities on the Earthtrust web site.

We finished off an interesting morning in the local pub beside a wood fire to warm our shackles.

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