BAS150 Anniversary Poster

As part of our 150th Anniversary celebrations our Society has commissioned a poster to commemorate the occasion. In fact there is a choice of 3 designs (all by Tim Lloyd) containing images from our past and of the activities that we undertake today.

Design E1 on canvas

Design E1 can be ordered as one of a limited series printed onto a 24x16inch (61×40.6 cm) block canvas. The final cost will depend on the quantity ordered and will be between £23 & £25. If you are interested please email Tim Lloyd on webmaster(at)

For security we are not publishing email addresses as direct links. Please re-type substituting the @ symbol for (at)


Members are invited to download any of the designs below to print and display at home. Click on a link below to open a full size image as a pdf (large file, high resolution) for printing large sizes, or JPEG (smaller file, lower resolution) for smaller sizes. You can then save them to your PC.

Members who wish to print these at full A2 or A3 size will need to use the services of a printer. We suggest the following online providers (others are available):

Advantage Printroom, Bracknell

All images are copyright Berkshire Archaeological Society and are only authorised for personal use

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