Lectures 2015 to 2016

Berkshire Archaeological Society’s Talks 2015 – 2016

Below are the Dates and Speakers for Berkshire Archaeology Society’s Monthly Saturday afternoon talks held at 2.00 pm for 2.30 pm at The RISC Centre, London Street. Reading, RG1 4PS. (01189 586692)


Date Speaker Subject
19 September 2015 Barrie Randall
Wiltshire’s secret underground city and some local underground bunkers. (Followed by AGM)
17 October 2015 Colin Forrestal
Using Sphagnum Moss to Inform/Coroborate Palaeo Climatic and Environmental changes.
21 November 2015 Cathie Barnett
Mesolithic and Palaeolithic archaeology in the Kennet Valley
12 December 2015 B.A.S Members
Member’s Holidays
16 January 2016 Martin Bell
The Old Straight Track: Identifying and dating prehistoric trackways
20 February 2016 Josh Pollard
Settlement and Monumentality in the Avesbury landscape
19 March 2016
Ben Ford
Uncovering Winchester
16 April 2016 Gundula Mueldener
Bone Chemistry and Isotopic analysis with case histories



Prepared by Trevor Coombs, Organiser of the Berkshire Archaeology Society’s Talks

28 May 2015


Exploring the archaeology, history and heritage of Berkshire