Runnymede Geophysics Project


Council Meadow, Runnymede is believed to be where in 1215, the barons camped while they were negotiating Magna Carta with King John. 

From Monday 28th March 2022 until Thursday 14th April 2022, Andrew Hutt led a mixed team involving 9 BAS members, 7 Surrey Council Archaeological Unit volunteers, and staff from the National Trust to carry out a gradiometer survey of the meadow.  They surveyed around 12ha.  The results are shown below.  The anomalies found in the results represented evidence of ploughing, a trackway, WWII anti-aircraft trenches, a large drainage ditch, several now defunct field boundaries and three areas with evidence of significant human activity.  Artefacts found on the site suggest one of these areas may be Roman, the other two are at the south end of the field adjacent to the Langham Ponds.  

The results of the geophysics survey of Council Meadow, Runnymede.

Download the report here:

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