Survey of Great How tumulus

The Berkshire Archaeology Historic Environment Record records Great How tumulus as being:
A ring ditch and bank called Great How Tumulus. The bank is recorded as being 5ft high, 10ft wide and circular with a diameter of 80 yards.

The site is now occupied by houses and earlier in the year we were invited by John Smith, one of the householders, to investigate the site.  As a result we are carrying out a geophysics survey of the site.  The surveying has been complicated by the number of features, trees, patios, swings, garden ornaments etc that the householders have in their gardens.

The figure below shows a plan of the site, a green ring which marks the suspected location of the tumulus and two resistivity plots, the results of the first two days of work.  At this time, we have arrangements to survey at least one other garden.

Great How1

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